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          There are many cryptic puzzles in the Bible and these were considered to be errors with copying or translation mistakes by the various scribes. However, the findings of new research has revealed that those puzzles were deliberately inserted by the scribes to taunt and alert the readers about the presence of higher levels of knowledge lying behind the fascade. Foremost among those cryptic puzzles were the scenes with Mary Magdalene and the confusing set of events at the tomb on the morning of the resurrection. Those conflicting events can be summed up into one question, which apparently was never asked before. The question is: How could Mary Magdalene see two angels in the tomb on the morning of the resurrection while Peter could only see the folded linen clothes?

The answer is equally intriguing and a game changer because the new evidence shows that the gospel writers had applied an image of the holy tabernacle as a motif to explain the mystical transition between heaven and earth with the resurrection. This allowed the writers to describe the mystical event in a terminology, which mere mortals could relate to. The writers set the scene with the tabernacle where they stated that the veil of the temple was torn in two at the death of Jesus on the cross. Remember the tabernacle tent had two rooms, which were divided by a veil. One room was the holy place representing earth where the priests were restricted too. The other room was God's holy of holies representing heaven where only the high priest could enter and it contained the Ark of the Covenant together with two angelic cherubims sitting at either end of the Lord's seat. When the veil was torn in two it indicated that earth was joined to heaven and this explained in simplistic terms how Jesus passed over the great divide. 

            The new evidence shows that the gospel writers had afforded Mary Magdalene the privileged position of the original high priests because she saw into God's holy of holies in the tabernacle and viewed the two angelic cherubim sitting at either end of where the body of Jesus had lain. In contrast, the writers had restricted Peter's acces to the holy place by stating that he only saw the folded linen clothes.  

This new evidence changes our whole knowledge of the resurrection forever because the gospel writers had projected Mary Magdalene as a high priestess at the scene albeit in a very mysterious presentation. This meant that she stood in the highest priestly office above Peter and therefore she had been awarded the credentials by the gospel writers to be recognized as the first pope. 

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The Scientific Puzzles

From the finding with Mary Magdalene the trail led to where the other cryptic puzzles were evident in the Old Testament.  One by one those puzzles were examined and the breakthrough came when two sacred formulas were uncovered within the numerical indices. Those formulas were the duplicate keys to unclock the doors into the secret archives of the biblical prophets. The write up of the research work for each of the cryptic puzzles were published in E book format and are listed below.          


 Immortalised in Time - The Light that Shineth in the Darkness

We were led to believe the prophets had the elixir of life within their grasp when they wrote about a heaven in the hereafter? It became the theme song of faith where mortals could overcome their corporal limitations and ascend to a spiritual state of eternal bliss in the heavens at the final hour. But there was a major problem lurking in the shadows for eventually pious words alone would be totally inadequate to explain the mystical concept of heaven in the materialistic world of sceptics. This is where this recent discovery is the game changer. The evidence has come to light to show that the prophets foresaw this eventuality for they included a set of images to convey their visionary impression of a heaven in the hereafter. The medium the seers used to be the coordinates to create those images in scientific terms was the subject of time.

         Time is that invincible force, which rules over birth, life and decay. It is invisible and eternal, without beginning and without end. Those descriptive terms about time are the same as are openly used in religious parlance to portray the concept of heaven in eternity. The prophets had recognised this potential when they used numbers and mathematical logic to build images of theoretical bridges to infinity. In effect, the concept of heaven was immortalised in time. Thereafter, the seers devised the most thought provoking methods to archive the associated numerical data in scripture. 

In this E book I will be bringing you on a journey along the stepping stones of numbers to pass through the pages of crowed biblical characters until we unveil the secret archive from where the jigsaw pieces lay hidden. Piece by piece the images will be assembled to reveal the greatest mystery of all – what the prophets saw in their visionary encounters.    


The Mystery of the Tabernacle

         The holy tabernacle was the prototype of those images the prophets had prepared for us. This was where the scribes left the measurements and instructions on how to build the sacred sanctuary. While studying those numerical values I detected the presence of recognisable time periods. It soon transpired that the sun, moon and stars were factored into the tabernacle dimensions. 

This was a strange discovery indeed and it took considerable investigation before I worked out why the stars were written into the tabernacle structure. It was a means of communications the prophets had devised, a message written in the stars to explain their visions of heaven in the afterlife. This was why the tabernacle was called the house of God and the gate of heaven – it was an image of the heavens where the Lord resided. 

 When you study how the heavenly orbits were factored into the design features of the tabernacle you will get the eeriest impression that a higher form of intellect designed the tabernacle architecture.    

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 Seventh Heaven Hereafter 

This E-book, Seventh Heaven Hereafter, goes beyond what was outlined in The Mystery of the Tabernacle where it reveals how the scribes recorded knowledge on astronomy, which was beyond the capability of mere mortals to scientifically acquire in biblical times. 

The images in the book had been prepared by the scribes where they outlined how Jacob had a dream about a ladder reaching to the heavens with angels ascending and descending upon it. As the investigation progressed it transpired that the scribes had used the image of Jacob’s ladder and applied the planets as its rungs to illustrate several gateways to heaven. These were paranormal image because they included those planets, which cannot be seen by the naked eye. 

 Ask yourself how could the biblical prophets know about planets that took telescopes and space age technology to discover?  

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 The Tabernacle Treasure Trail (Popular Style E-Book Version)

          In this E book I have presented the findings with the tabernacle in popular style as a series of investigative interviews in order to tease out the facts and figures. This allowed for a dialogue with questions and answer, which seemed essential to explain the depth of wisdom that was archived in this biblical wonder.     

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The Exodus Time Enigma 

The discoveries continued when it was found that the biblical writers had left theoretical formulas to show that the Promised Land had also a metaphysical destination, which was in the mystical world of the hereafter. The scribes had utilised several contradictory time periods relating to the time spent in Egypt and when the exodus took place as a way to transmit their secret message. It proved possible to decipher the hidden message that lay behind those time periods and show that the scribes had left the blueprints to draw an illustration of travelling anticlockwise back in time through the heavens. 

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Noah and the Magic Time Formula 

There was an amazing puzzle in the timing of the events with Noah’s ark and the flood, which got overlooked because people were too absorbed with the idea of a floating zoo. The jigsaw puzzle contained a secret formula, which mapped out a theoretical gateway in the heavens. The evidence suggests this gateway was an insight into what the biblical prophets envisaged about heaven in the afterlife.   

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Noah and the Magic Time Formula.  



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